“How many celebrities can do this for their family?” – Reno Omokri praises Davido’s support for Senator Adeleke

Reno Omokri, a socio-political commentator, has asked a question that has left people agog in the wake of the wide celebration of Senator Ademola Adeleke’s victory in the just concluded gubernatorial elections in Osun State.

Noting that Nigerian ace singer, Davido played a huge role in his uncle’s victory in the elections, Reno Omokri asked: “How many celebrities can do for their family what Davido did for his?”


The analyst added: “Some even publicly fight their blood brother.

“Others fight their birth parent. One family member who is committed to you is more than millions of fans who are interested in you! “Senator Adeleke won partly because of Davido. Going forward, Davido will win more because of Governor Adeleke. But look at your family. Whatever energy, money, and influence you have is dedicated to pulling each other down. Learn from the Adelekes!”

However, Reno’s question and opinion received support from netizens who mostly answered in the negative.

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