Home Entertainment News ”I’m Not Quitting Filmmaking For Marriage” — Actress Rahama Sadau

”I’m Not Quitting Filmmaking For Marriage” — Actress Rahama Sadau

Kannywood actress, Rahama Sadau said she’s not going to quit acting because of marriage.

Rahama Sadau quit acting

The actress said this while responding to a fan who asked if she was ready to quit acting for marriage.

Rahama Sadau quit acting
In response, the actress said she cannot quit acting because it is a profession and like every other profession, a woman can continue her acting career and still be legally married.

She further stresses that media or acting should not be excluded from women because it is also a legit and decent profession.

Read the exchange below;

Rahama Sadau quit acting

It seems the fan asking the question might be interested in the actress but cannot have her doing her acting career while she married to him.

Well, this is just a mere assumption, but the actress has made her final decision, whoever wants her, must accept that she cannot forfeit her acting career for marriage.

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