News Crime “I will rape her” -Twitter users dig up 2011 tweets of Peruzzi...

“I will rape her” -Twitter users dig up 2011 tweets of Peruzzi acknowledging he raped someone


Shortly after Peruzzi went on Instagram live to counter claims from his alleged rape victim, Twitter users have dug up tweets of the singer from 2011 and 2012 acknowledging he raped someone.

Earlier today, a lady accused singer Peruzzi of raping her in 2012, and also gave details of how the alleged rape happened, saying she is choosing to speak now due to the “boldness” of other rape victims.

Some tweets from Peruzzi from 8/9 years ago, shows him saying he has already raped the person he plans to rape one day. In another, he threatened to rape a lady if she talks anyhow after he requested for food.

See the tweets below….


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