How I lost a good woman because of wrong genotype result – Nigerian man

A Nigerian man has come forward to share how he lost a good woman due to his belief that they were incompatible, following his life-altering discovery that he is not, as he had long believed, genotype AS, but rather AA.

The startling revelation came to light on Saturday, September 16, 2023, when Osoyinka took to social media platform ‘X’ to share his journey of self-discovery.

According to the man identified as Osoyinka account, he had always believed he shared the AS genotype with all of his siblings, based on previous test results.

However, his life took a different course when he disclosed that he had lost a potential relationship with a woman he deemed incompatible due to his believed AS genotype.

Osoyinka shared a tweet from 2021, in which he expressed his frustration. “Fvck genotype mehn! That was supposed to be my last bus stop,” he tweeted.

in his words;

“I honestly don’t know how to feel right now. Negligence? Mediocrity? I don’t know, But I’m sure it has nothing to do with mystery. I’ve always thought I was “AS” as my all my siblings are. Took a genotype test when i got admission and the result was “AS” as predicted.” 

“All my life, I’ve shaped my life decisions around that knowledge of myself. Last week I was at the hospital to visit a friend and a case of mixed up genotype came up. We all had a long discussion about it and out of jokes and bants, one of my friends realized he doesn’t know his,” 

“So we strolled to the hospital’s laboratory for him to take a test. Out of jokes, I decided to take another test too (Knowing fully well I’m AS). I got the shock when he sent me my test results on Monday and it says “AA”. Sure, no way i’m trusting that test results

“So I decided to take the test again for clarity sake yesterday. People of God, I just got my test result tonight and here I am staring at “AA” genotype. I honestly can’t deny that I’m really disappointed right now. Considering the fact that I lost a potential relationship and good woman because we both thought we aren’t compatible.”

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