Entertainment News Yul Edochie replies Reno Omokri for saying Nollywood is demarketing Nigeria

Yul Edochie replies Reno Omokri for saying Nollywood is demarketing Nigeria


Yul replies Reno Omokri

Ace Nigerian actor, Yul Edochie has replied popular Nigerian author, Reno Omokri for saying Nollywood is demarketing Nigeria.

The young thespian made his thoughts and ideas known in recent tweets he shared today, June 12.

According to him, the problem the country’s film industry is facing is more political than psychological.

Yul replies Reno Omokri

He said foreign investors are running away from investing in Nigeria’s film industry because of non economy friendly policies.

Citing prominent cases studies, Yul asked if the popular ‘gun-shooting American movies’ have stopped people from wanting to go to America, or whether Kung-Fu movies have scared people away from visiting China.

“It’s all entertainment”, Yul concluded as he schooled Reno Omokri.

Yul replies Reno Omokri

It should be recalled that few days ago, Reno Omokri called out Nollywood for making foreigners see Nigerians as “fetish juju people”.

Refer to Yul Edochie’s tweets as he replies Reno Omokri below;

“Speak with foreign investors, their fear is the failing economy of Nigeria, the insecurity and the fact that Govt can wake up any day and make a law that can cripple all their investments without thinking twice. Their fear is not the stories from Nollywood films.”

“Past leaders failed to fix the country, you all turn around to blame Nollywood for it. All the gun violence movies you watch from America has it stopped you from applying for American visa, neither have the kung fu movies stopped you from going to China. It’s all entertainment.”

Yul replies Reno Omokri


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