Video shows dramatic moment UK Police storm Nigerian man’s UK house, demands his real date of birth and passport

A dramatic and tense confrontation unfolded when three UK police officers forcibly entered the house of a Nigerian man, demanding compliance with a legal warrant.

The officers, consisting of two women and one man, arrived at the scene and issued a stern warning to the occupant, threatening to forcefully enter his home if he did not cooperate.

The incident, which was captured on video and subsequently shared on social media by @thetattleroomng on Instagram, showcased a scene where law enforcement officers were seen asserting their authority.

Video shows dramatic moment UK Police storm Nigerian man's UK house, demands his real date of birth and passport

The officers, clad in their official uniforms, made it clear that they possessed a warrant, and the occupant was obliged to open the door.

Open the door. We have a warrant to enter the premises, so if you don’t open the door, we will force it,” one of the female officer said in the video.

The man inside the residence, later identified as Olatunde Olushola, eventually complied with the officers’ demands, allowing them entry into his home.

Upon gaining access, the officers initiated an interrogation with Mr. Olushola. During this exchange, Mr. Olushola provided his name, but he encountered difficulties when asked to furnish his passport or recall his date of birth.

The exact circumstances that led to this police operation remain unclear at this time, and the nature of the warrant has not been disclosed.

Netizens Reactions…

@iam_jamez_king said; “Grownup man go they misbehave like this for another man country.”

@precioussam29 said; “Where is the warrant? If you live abroad know your right because if you don’t forget it you will be treated like trash. Who gave them permission to film him? No be Nigeria you de again study and know all your rights in any country you find yourself. What nonsense.”

@prince___highlifez said; “See as oyibo police dey operate, if Naija never shoot gun or do something illegal their body not go rest.”

@iby_elemide said; “Now he has made it hard for himself to get another visa.”

@iam__dora said; “Omo immigration police wahala fit cause amnesia Mr Olatunde no remember him date of birth again☹️.”

@kaydee__babe said; “UK immigration get time. America immigration no go do like this.”

@fabulousbeautyinc_ng said; “He should have asked to see the warrant and then called his lawyer and say nothing. How dare they treat a legal migrant like this. He can claim he didn’t know when he had to renew or matter of fact, didn’t have the money to. Why film him and put it online like he’s a criminal??? We just need to stop accepting this is normal. Migrants pay taxes, contribute to the economy, usually law abiding too. This is outrageous.” 

@divafeng2020 said; “Na passport age he wants tell them but he no remember.” 

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