Victims gang up to beat up lady who used their ‘contribution money’ to buy iPhone 13 (Video)

A young lady has experienced a severe beating after victims ganged up against her for using their contribution money to buy iPhone 13.

The lady who used the girls’ donation money to buy an iPhone with three cameras later regretted her decision after they stormed her house.

Victims gang up to beat up lady who used their "contribution money" to buy iPhone 13 (Video)
Victims beat up lady over contribution money. Photo source: Tiktok

On TikTok, @hisolagold1 posted a video of the angry victims attacking the woman after learning that she had spent the money.

After the video went viral, numerous internet users expressed their outrage at the incident. While some berated the attackers for attempting to use the law against them, others showed compassion for the victims.

The video was captioned: “Why you go use their contribution money buy phone?”

@Obinna2 commented; “This is so wrong. You can’t just beat someone for something like this. You need to go to the police if you think a crime has been committed.”

@AdirebyTee wrote; “I feel so sorry for the victim. Nobody deserves to be treated like this.”

@야만적인 reacted: “Leave her expensive bag na.”

@Ayo said: “I like as nobody separate them.”

@Empress reacted: “How una take dey find una self for this kind situation?”

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