Lady rants as man who promised iPhone 12 after a night together sends her torchlight phone [Video]

A lady got enraged and came online to rant after a man who had his way with her and promised to buy her an iPhone 12 sent her a torchlight phone instead.

She said that the man who had been wooing her asked her over to his place and when she got there he began trying to get physical with her.

Lady man iPhone button phone
Lady calling out man who failed to fulfill promise.

The lady said that she had turned down his coital advances, he then promised to get her an iPhone 12 if only she agrees to it.

According to her, the guy contacted his friends who sell iPhone and he sent photos and asked her to pick the type she wants.

However, after having his way with her, he sent her a button phone and she got upset and came to social media to vent.

Watch the video below …

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talk2elis observed: “Once u toast a Nigerian girl from that day u have started owing her money, once she accepted you have adopted an orphan”

realchinnynnaji advised: “Learn to appreciate little things. No be your papa dey feed the guy”

carphy_flinks said: “He even try for this economy….sis hold him tight! he’s husband material.”

callmehorlagold remarked: “You sef don dey bill iPhone 12 the first day Kilode”

iambrave217 wrote: “Update o Wahala if I no knack all Akure babes finish with this format, make I bend”