Uproar in Delta as policeman kills businessman over N100 bribe

Enraged reactions surfaced after a police officer, allegedly soliciting a bribe, shot and killed a businessman, identified as Ibeh Onyeka, aka Onyi gadget, in Asaba, Delta State.

On Wednesday morning, April 5, eyewitnesses stated that the phone merchant was travelling with his pregnant wife, whom he wedded three months prior, when he was fatally shot in the head.

He was immediately transported to the Federal Medical Centre in Asaba, where he subsequently died.

“He and his wife were on their way to work this morning when he was stopped by a team of police officers. They asked him for money and he gave them.

“However, after a few mins drive, he ran into another set of police officers who demanded that he gives them money. They asked him for N100 but he said he doesn’t have any money with him because he had given his last cash to their colleagues.

“One of the police officers cocked his gun and Onyi stepped on his accelerator but he was shot him in the head before he could move. He is very popular in Asaba, he got married three months ago and his wife is currently pregnant.” said an eye witness.

Enraged youths were witnessed carrying Onyeka’s body to the police station as they protested and demanded justice.