“They didn’t even return her energy” – Reactions trail video of grandmother dancing as her grandchildren paid her a visit

A viral video has surfaced, capturing the heartwarming moment when an elderly woman received an unexpected visit from her children and grandchildren.

Upon seeing their familiar faces, the elderly woman’s joy knows no bounds as she enthusiastically dances and hastily makes her way out of the compound in sheer excitement.

Elderly woman excited as her family pays her a surprise visit

After a short while, she returns, brimming with delight, and tightly embraces one of her grandchildren.

Curiously, despite this heartwarming scene unfolding before them, the rest of the family remains motionless, seemingly devoid of any shared excitement or emotion.

Elderly woman dances in excitement as her family pays her a surprise visit

As the video circulated online, netizens couldn’t help but share their observations and opinions on the matter.

tochyy_ said: “They didn’t even return her energy”

ifymelo_ wrote: “And some people will say they still don’t want to have kids??.Like you don’t want these kinda joy and happiness in your old age??.So beautiful”

debby okafor commented: “Make una calm down, she wan go call neighbors”

iambolubenson wrote: “Why them run after her like that, she wasn’t going anywhere lol”

veronicasdaughter wrote: “Every Igbo Grandma during Christmas”

See the video and comments below:

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