News “The executive will oppress you, police will brutalize you and the judiciary...

“The executive will oppress you, police will brutalize you and the judiciary will assault you!” – Comedian, Mr. Macaroni


Popular comedian, Mr Macaroni is constantly showing off his zeal and passion for human right activism; all of which is geared to the forming of an ideal state, where fundamental human rights are duly respected and protected.

Mr Macaroni human rights police Judiciary executive

Reacting to a video of the Code of Conduct Tribunal Chairman, Justice Danladi Umar unleashing his wrath on a security guard at Banex Plaza in Abuja, Macaroni expressed utmost disappointment in the Nigerian system.

According to Macaroni, the Nigerian society has gradually metamorphosed into a terrain where people in various positions of power oppress their subordinates and leave them handicapped without help coming from any angle.

In his words:

“The Executive will oppress you. Police will brutalize and dehumanize you. Even the Judiciary that is supposed to help the People get justice will assault you! This Power Corrupts!! Absolute power corrupts, absolutely!!! Freedom won’t come easy.”

See the tweet below:


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