General The Billionaire Prophet Fufeyin is a born Philanthropist and A Life Changer....

The Billionaire Prophet Fufeyin is a born Philanthropist and A Life Changer. -Strokes Africa [Watch Video]


Have you ever experienced God on earth? Have you seen God’s unconditional love, shine through a fellow human being? How does one begin to thank God for using a man to change the entire narrative of their life?

In a short and incredibly emotional video, below, a group of people who had almost given up on life, experience God on earth. These people are only a minute representation of millions of lives that have been touched by the Billionaire Prophet, Jeremiah Fufeyin. Just like the case of his now Spiritual Son, Apostle Chris Omashola, The Popular Lekki Pastor Of Zionwealth Church Lekki, whose hope have been bashed and shattered, who was on the verge of suicide, you could just imagine, these are a few of many lives touched by this Great Man Of God, Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin.

See video here:

It is a rare blessing to witness and be blessed by the complete sincerity and sacrificial nature of a man, in service to God; Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin embodies these values. He is a genuine prophet who gives all of his resources, in their entirety, to changing lives and restoring lost hope.

He is a; Compassionate,Empathetic, Spirit-Led, Self-Sacrificing Anointed, and Generous Man of God. And we celebrate God’s power at work, in him.

Watch till the end and lets know your take on Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin, his kind and big heart of love towards others on the comment section.




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