Student bags admission into 120 US colleges

An 18-year-old US-based Ugandan student, Helms Atekega achieves a mind-blowing acceptance into 120 colleges following his impressive result.

The high school senior in Oakland who is about to graduate tried his luck in different colleges across the country and got an unexpected outcome.

Student bags admission into 120 US colleges
Helms Atekega. Credit: FoxLocal Source: KTVU

Helms, who immigrated from Uganda five years ago, attributes his success to his supportive guidance counsellor and parents. He has a 3.94 GPA and plans to attend UC Berkeley to major in music and minor in global studies.

“I feel very lucky that I was well-prepared. I had a wonderful guidance counselor and parents who were supportive of this whole process,” he said in an interview with US media this week.

When his father, Chris Atekega, opened a suitcase filled with acceptance letters and scholarship offers, it highlighted not only Atekega’s hard work but also the unwavering support of his family.

Helms Atekega’s passion for music has significantly contributed to his academic achievements. He has been singing for as long as he can remember and credits music with giving him the confidence to excel in all areas of his life.

The High school student who sings with the Pacific Boy Choir Academy, will travel to Peru this summer before starting classes in mid-August.

His advice to others: “Keep your head up and go for it.”