Student asks lecturer if he would allow him date his daughter; he gets a response

A student has shared his lecturer’s epic reaction after he jokingly asked if he would allow him to date his daughter.

The bold student known as @tonyodiraa on Tiktok shared how he approached his lecturer to ask the daring question.

student lecturer date daughter
Student and his lecturer.

In the video he shared, the student approached his lecturer and asked him if he would be open to the idea of allowing him date his daughter.

Surprisingly, the man answered in an amicable way, saying that so long as his daughter finds him attractive enough and agrees.

He however gave the student a resounding slap on the head for asking him the question.

Check out reactions below …

Emmanuel said: “That slap sweet me.”

Bobby said: “That slap was a friendly warning.”

SmAeX said: “Habibi,come to lautech SLT exam officer talk this thing.”

Kingz said: “This question go give u carry over if na one wicked Mr Kayode wey I know.”

derry said: “He doesn’t see u as a threat.”

Angel‍♀️ said: “See my boyfriend in the background.”

anyanwuchiomajuli said: “This is why I like private uni you are allowed to interact with your HOD and lectures.”

ELENIYAN™ said: “Come and try it with aaua lecturer.”

Watch the video below …


At least i have a chance😭😂 #abuad

♬ original sound – TonyOdira ✰

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