Mixed reactions as lecturer comes to class in heavy rain

A video of a female lecturer who insists on conducting her lectures in the dark during torrential downpours has elicited mixed responses.

The video showed a windy, rainy day in an unidentified place where it appeared impossible for anyone to get in. However, the lecturer was seen using a torchlight to hold her lessons in the dark.

Mixed reactions as lecturer comes to class in heavy rain

While some netizens asserted that she should be applauded for her act, others referred to it as an act of folly.

Read some reactions below:

Vere_da_warri_girl said: “Ah this lecturer deserves award but I’m sure his students won’t even like him”

King asserts: “My HOD can do this 😆”

Fizzy said: “E no go pass mathematics teacher 😂”

AGS Daily said: “The students won’t like her for sure”

Aremu Taofeek wrote: “Students : That lecturer no get happy home. They won’t like her”

Specialyn Iyang said: “That’s what Passion can do”

Yusuf Isa Nadabo said: “She deserves to be appreciated and respected but it’s insults these students will finish her with”

Briegods stated: “Foolishness. She knows they won’t learn anything. She just wants to get it over with”


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