Entertainment News Speed Darlington laments bitterly after his ‘Gbola’ failed him (video)

Speed Darlington laments bitterly after his ‘Gbola’ failed him (video)


I carried two girls from the club to the hotel last night but my d!ck failed me - Speed Darlington shares videoControversial Instagram comedian and rapper, Speed Darlington is not very happy with his ‘male member’ right now.

Narating his experience from last night, Speed Darlington shared the video below and wrote, ‘I carried two girls from club last night to help my 3some plan come through. We got to my hotel room and my d!ck failed me. I couldn’t get it up. so angry but then I realized that it wasn’t me it their fat block my dick from reaching the pussy. Main girl fat her friend? Forget it’.

Then in another post, he wrote, ‘what’s the point of being popular when I can’t even get ANY sex from anygirl? It make sense to you?’.

See the video below;



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