Entertainment News ‘Some people have to die for you to move forward’ – Korede...

‘Some people have to die for you to move forward’ – Korede Bello 


Nigerian singer-songwriter, Korede Bello who’s well known for his ‘Godwin’ hit song is sharing a cryptic message about death and love.

Korede Bello expressed that in life, some people have to die, so that that others can get ahead and become successful in their path.

The singer while explaining his position further, said that no one should kill these people that have become stumbling blocks, except by the way of showering them with undying love and affection.

“Unfortunately some people have to die for you to move forward. The good news is that you don’t have to kill them, unless you’re killing them with lovE”, his tweet read.

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Reacting to Bello’s submission, his fans and followers on the social media app were sighted in his comment section.

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