Viral News Sidechick assaulted by her baby daddy & wife for asking for rent...

Sidechick assaulted by her baby daddy & wife for asking for rent allowance (Video)


A lady who is identified as Francisca Quaye is now seeking help to get justice after she was physically assaulted by her lover and his wife just because she asked him to help take care of their son and also to pay for her rent.

During her narration of what happened, this young beautiful lady stated how painful her ordeal was indicating what she went through when she went to see the father of her son at his residence.

All that he asked was for him to help her take care of their son and also to help her pay her rent after all attempts to reach him on phone failed.

She noted that when she went to the man’s house, the baby daddy together with his wife physically assaulted her and cut her face and arms with a razor blade and was luckily saved by some neighbours.

Francisca told reporters that although she reported the matter to the Police, the CID in charge of the case has ignored her and even rains insults at her each time she calls her to find out the status of the case.

Additionally, she stated that her baby daddy whose name she gave as Edem made matters worse by releasing n*de videos of her that she had sent to him to the police and others – What is termed as revenge porn and is a criminal act in the country.

Well, after watching the video we were shocked how this young beautiful lady ended up in such a situation and what really surprised us what the fact that her baby daddy’s wife would help do this to another woman when she could have also blamed her husband for not keeping his zip up.

Watch the video below;


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