See moment a perceived “Slay Queen” was buried in a “gbola-shaped” coffin (Photo)

A photo of a funeral is currently trending on social media after a deceased “Slay Queen” was committed to mother earth in a “gbola-shaped” coffin.

Slay Queen in a "gbola-shaped" coffin

The photo was first shared by a popular Ghanaian blog before it went viral, making speculations rife that the funeral might have taken place somewhere in Ghana.

The manner in which the family decided to bury the deceased lady speaks volumes about her lifestyle while she was alive.

Speculations have it that the deceased didn’t have a rosy relationship with the family hence they decided to “embarrass” her remains with such a coffin for burial.

People often get buried in caskets that befit their occupation on earth. Some are buried in a fish shaped coffin to show they worked at a seaport, some in an aeroplane styled casket depicting that such a person was a pilot.

But for a “gbola-shaped” coffin?, we can’t tell, maybe you could help us out with what her profession was while alive.