Sallah: Lady unleashes fury, scatters room over husband’s goat purchase, demands ram or cow

A lady has expressed outrage at her husband over his decision to purchase a goat for Sallah, instead of ram or cow as she had wanted.

The video depicting the scene of the drama was shared on X by a netizen known as @bidsman.

lady wife husband sallah ram goat cow
Angry wife.

From the video, it was gathered that the lady entered a fit of rage house because her husband bought a he-goat instead of buying a cow and ram.

She had gone on a rampage, scattering the clothes in the house to express her dissatisfaction with what her husband had done.

The man called in her mother to see what her daughter was doing, and the lady kept taunting the man, saying that his mates are buying cows and rams, but he went to buy a common goat.

Reactions have followed …

@Iceeh6 commented: “E dy very likely say I no go marry”

joy_hora_ remarked: “He didn’t buy a Ram because she’s clearly the Ram with that attitude”

elom_vivian wrote: “She’s probably doing competition with one yeye friend, Cos how do you explain this behavior 🤷‍♀️”

ruggedybaba penned: “She is worried about what she’ll tell her friends. She obviously doesn’t have a job. If she did she would have bought the cow herself to please her friends.😂😂😂”

@ObiomaOhiri said: “See Wetin person marry
God please it’s best we remain single than marry the wrong person”

mheenarh__ advised: “Tie ribbon for her head and return her to her parent. Make them take am back as sallah gift.”

Watch video below …