Viral News ‘Once I marry you, you will have to stop posting your pictures...

‘Once I marry you, you will have to stop posting your pictures online’ – Nigerian man to future wife


Twitter user, @Waspapping_ got people talking after he took to the platform to state that his future wife would have to stop posting her photos on social media for strangers to view, once they get married.

He wrote:

“Bro, I don’t mean to be dramatic , but the minute I marry you , you have to bid goodbye to posting your pictures on a public space like twitter , Instagram and Facebook. I’m not civilized enough to let you share your pictures to random strangers on a public space.”

He went on to defend his stance stating that he would be the only hype man his wife needs. He further stated that she would have to return to her father’s house if she cannot abide by what he described as ‘his simple rules’.

“If you must post pictures , post it on your WhatsApp status for the few family and friends that are there. Moreover, once you become my wife , I’m the only hype man you need in your life. If you can’t abide by these easy and simple rules , you can always walk to your fathers house,” he tweeted.


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