Omohtee lambast lady who called her out for being able to afford surgery but not school fees

Social media influencer, Omohtee has lambasted Aunty Risi who called her out for being able to afford plastic surgery but not school fees.


In a series of tweets, Aunty Risi had called out the influencer for selling her body to in order to afford basic livelihood.

Omohtee, however, returned the favour by dragging Aunty Risi to filth and further accused her of trying to seduce her once.

See her reply below …


“You on the other hand doesnt even have a job, what do you do Risi? Apart from fucking local men around ajah for peanuts and also tax men on twitter and still claim classy! WHAT EXACTLY DO YOU DO?

“I’m a serial entrepreneur, I model, I influence for brands and still run an event brand. I can comfortably fend for myself and afford my lifestyle

“You say I do runs but please mention 1 person you know that has fucked me? Mention someone I’ve done runs with?

aunty risi twitter

“I’m hardworking and heavy on savings hence why I can afford some of the things I get.

“I have a man and people that loves me around me that gifts me stuff and it’s not my fault if your life is nothing to write home about.

“Just because I don’t know how to type insults of keeping quiet when tou ahipid girls come for me slant mean I’m stupid.

“I am tired of the numerous subs and being called a runs girl bu stupid bitches that has never Worked for a penny in their life.

“@risi_aunty you are a bastard And it will not be well with you if you bring out someone I’ve done runs with. You have obviously been waiting for this date from your tweets and I’m also ready for you now.

“Are you jealous & still mad I didn’t allow you to touch my body any further when you tried to seduce me? @risi_aunty did I tell you why I even started avoiding you and stopped picking your calls? I’m straight as a pencil and I didn’t want you to violate me any further!”

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