Viral News Lady drags Omohtee over her ability to afford surgery but not school...

Lady drags Omohtee over her ability to afford surgery but not school fees


A lady identified simply as Aunty Risi has called out social media influencer, Omohtee, who sought to know what business she’s into. The cause of their drama remains unknown.

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According to Aunty Risi, she dropped out of school after losing her mother and has since gone from one business to another to make ends meet.

Read her full write up below …

“Omotola is asking me what do i do? -first of all, I’ve done all types of legal jobs you can think of. I don’t go about selling my body for peanut like her.

“I was in 300l in a private university when i lost my mom and i had to leave as i couldn’t contd…
Paying the fees as y’all know how expensive private universities are. At that time, i lost all energy to even continue as the zeal was no longer there. resulted to contributing money with a friend to go buy fabrics from Lagos island while we share the profit.

“It was by selling fabrics, i met someone who introduced me to a real estate company as most real estates companies don’t even need you to be a graduate before they employ you. All they want is to know how good your nakerkung experience is.

“Fine, started working with them, and in two months,, i was able to bring potential clients to come buy properties. From there, i was able to balance myself and got lands as an investment. It was hard getting a job as i didn’t have a degree.

“Which made me sponsor myself through another school and right now, i can proudly say, i made lemonades when life threw lemons at me.

“Please help me ask omotola.. does she have a degree? Is she willing to go back to school? Atleast someone who spent millions on surgery should have enough money for school? Abi???

“Ive sold boxers, I’ve sold ladies wears, I’ve sold fabrics, I’ve sold food, I’ve sold properties BUT I have never sold pussy! That’s why i always hold my head up high FULLSTOP.”

Omohtee has since replied her… See her response here…


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