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Nigerian woman discovers her son collects double his tuition fee at a private university

A Nigerian mom was left in shock after discovering that her son had been collecting double his tuition fee at a private university in the country.


This was made known by Dahunsi John Oluwaseun, who claimed the woman almost died of shock after she discovered that the 300-level Engineering student in a private university, had been defrauding her by collecting double his tuition fee from her.

See what he wrote below;

“A guy in landmark University was always charging his dad twice his school fees, he told the dad we pay per semester. In 300level, he lost his dad, so, the mother had to pick up the responsibility, she wasn’t capable of paying twice, she started collecting loans coupled with corporative. This guy knew how difficult it was for the mom paying but he chose to ignore. He was in one of those engineering department. At a point the mom was overwhelmed, she had paid for the first term according to the child, but the boy needed the money for the second term.

He was disturbing the mom with calls and text messages of how he won’t be allowed to write his second semester exams without the full payment of the school fees, so, the mom sent him half of the money about N350k, after begging around.

The mom was complaining to her friend of how landmark University wasn’t a true missionary school, luckily for the mom, her friend is a friend to the Dean of college of science and engineering, so, the mom collected the Dean’s phone number and called him, she pleaded and promised to pay soon.

The Dean called the account office, to make enquiry and he was told the boy in question had paid in full. The dean was shocked, he called the mother to come to school without contacting the boy, when she got to school, she was in the Dean’s office when they sent for the boy.

When he saw his mom and the dean together, he wanted to run away, but he was caught, the school explained what has been going on to the mom. She nearly died, when they went to our guy’s account, N350k was remaining N46k. They got the bank statement and online shopping things.”

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