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Nigerian man takes his pet snake for a walk (video)



Nigerian man takes his pet snake for a walk (video)

Normally if someone is out taking a pet for a walk, it will be their dog, but in a video trending on social media shows a man taking his leashed snake for a routine walk.

The young man was captured strolling through the compound with his pet snake. The pet snake was probably keen to see the area as it was taken for its walk.

See the video below;

See Nigerian’s reactions to the video;

*** Why the distance relationship? Near your pet na…Show it some love.

*** Who ever keeps a snake as a pet is fucking weird!!! I can’t even stand watching that shii on my phone damn!

*** If it’s missing , you will know the difference between pet and nat geo wild

*** Social media.. a place where ppl display commitments to stupidity

*** This one no be snake naw, this one na Worm

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