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Nigerian man says he wants EFCC to start probing churches over their fake miracles



A worried Nigerian man, Sharp Basecapitol has said he is losing his belief in Nigerian churches and want the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to start probing and indicting them over their fake miracles.

Read what he wrote on Facebook below.

EFCC our churches are for business in Nigeria. Please start probing their miracles. And indicting them. Plz note that if u find what i wrote under offensive rather than insult me just pass by because if u dare i will release the venom i have left on who so ever.. Chai Christianity which way???@daddyfreeze

This man has been making headlines everyday about his attack on churches. So many refused to understand his plight, and the sense he is trying to make everyone see. Probably because Africans are still RELIGIOUSLY COLONIZED and we will be blind to any truth to expose the activities of Churches or Pastors.

Please visit his instagram handle @daddyfreeze and watch four different videos of a particular woman in different churches with different pastors whose hands changes into a normal hand from a deformed hand.
And this pastors say to their members that they are performing miracles. SMH

Just like i have always faulted these type of miracles and have my brother The Mighty man in battle to contend with. After watching this video sincerely am in a dire state of loosing the last belief i have for almost every church i see in Africa.

EFCC our churches are for business in Nigeria. Please start probing their miracles.


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