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Nigerian man recounts on how his life would have been transformed after buying fairly used car

A Nigerian man has taken to social media to recount on a recent life changing incident which occurred after he purchased a fairly used car.

The online user revealed that indeed, he would have been arrested and jailed as there was cannabis/marijuana in the fairly used car he purchased unknown to him

He said;

“What I am about to share here is 100% true. You never can trust how discreet this pages are, so I had to create a new moniker lol…

I had already concluded plans to get a fairly used Nigerian Lexus. I got a seemingly good deal on jiji so last Friday I traveled to obiaruku to seal the deal.

Everything had gone on as planned, very great guy, I paid, he handed over all relevant documents and I headed straight to bact to Asaba.

At about 7pm, I was doing a final check on the documents so I sent my wife to the car, this lady returned back with a big black envelope directly behind the driver’s seat.When we opened it, it was filled with Indian hemp. I mean close to 500grammes, I was in utter shock. I quickly called the seller and cautioned him seriously.

I had gone through over 15 police check posts, how on earth would I have explained that the stuff wasn’t mine.

Please folks, we’ve got to be very careful. Very very careful. May God not allow us to answer questions about someone else’s indiscretion.

I have decided not to share the pics here, for personal reasons.”

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