Nigerian man marries Polish lover after getting used by Nigerian women

Nigerian man celebrates his wins, gets married to Polish woman after paying fees for Nigerian women and getting cheated on.

He shared the video to his Tiktok page, @king_angel237, where it has now gone viral.

According to him, he used to sponsor Nigerian women he had dated to school but many of them were ungrateful and still cheated on him.

However since finding his wife in Poland, she makes him very happy and there’s no unnecessary stress.

Nigerian man marries Polish lover after getting used by Nigerian women

He claims they’ve been together for four years and there’s only love and prosperity in their household.

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@Zona_Pedro Auto’s 🇳🇬 said: “My brother you’re living my dream chaii God abeg ooh Japanese wife can you come quickly already 😰😩😥😢🙏 Pressure is too much over here”

@zionfrank🌤🎇 said: “the best thing dat can happen to a man is marrying a lady who truly loves you. much respect couple 💑 🙏”

@BENZ commented: “As dem say saidaboj Naim be their new motivational speaker 🔈 make we Dey look them na”

@Latifa Ahmed1419 asked: “Did they force you to send them to school?”

@gal reacted: “That’s my bad 😪that’s why most men wants to marry before putting a dime on a lady’s school”

@fabulosgloria added: “I have never understood why black men always feel the need to put down black women to justify them dating white women. There is nothing wrong with being who you want to be with cos love has no nationality or color but the desire to put down black women is just lOw.”

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I didn’t mention any country ooh except my woman’s country before wuna come dey say i call Nigeria or Cameroon 😂😂😂#viral #fyp #foryoupage #foryou

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Coming back from work and having a lovely welcome from your woman is what we need not hearing of how ur aunty swallowed a dining table and i have to give money for her operation #viral #fyp #foryoupage #foryou

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If you want to be treated like a king then treat your woman as a queen but this doesn’t mean that you will carry her family problems on your head #viral #fyp #foryoupage #foryou

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