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“Never have a child for a married man, it’s stupid to think he’d leave his family for you” – Lady

Young lady condemns the idea of some women hoping to have a future with an already married man by having a child for them.

According to a Twitter user @princesslopie, argued that it is rather illogical to fall for the lies of a married man who promises heaven and earth to leave his family to start over.

In her words;

“I think the worst thing you can do to yourself as girl is to have a baby with a married man. Come on ladies, If you want to secure a bag I’m sure there’s another smart way. You are very stupid if you think that man will leave his wife/family for you.

you’ll end up miserable cause you believed all the lies he told you. That gender lie, he’ll leave you after giving you a baby, you’d think life is showing you flames cause of not being smart!!! Some will disagree and if you wanna argue, go argue with your toes!”

"Never have a child for a married man, it's stupid to think he'd leave his family for you" - Lady

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