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‘My boyfriend refuses to suck my toes’ – Nigerian lady seeks for advise



Relationship adviser and blogger, Joro Olumofin has shared the story of a lady who is seeking for advise on how to make her boyfriend agree to her fetish desire.

According to the lady, she gets aroused whenever her toes is sucked during sex but her boyfriend has refused to do it.

“I’m having an issue with my boyfriend and he follows you so I know he will see this. I really like having my toes sucked during sex. Anytime my ex boyfriend did it to me, it takes half my sense away and gets me really horny. I have spoken with my boyfriend about it but he says he doesn’t suck toes but he eats my a** instead, I like that too but I prefer he sucks my toes when I’m about to climax. Ladies, how do you convince your man to suck your toes?”, she wrote.


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