Man sues woman for £1.9M over refusal to be his girlfriend after four years of friendship

A man identified as K Kawshigan is suing Nora Tan Shu Mei for £1.9M over ’emotional trauma’ after she declined to be his girlfriend after four years of friendship.

Kawshigan who is a director of a drone company, D1 Racing, in Singapore, filed two lawsuits against Tan, claiming that her actions damaged his reputation and resulted in the loss of five business partnerships.

Miss Tan filed a counter-suit seeking compensation for security equipment she installed to protect herself from Kawshigan and for counselling sessions.

A Magistrates’ Court judgment found Kawshigan’s initial suit of SGD 22,000 as an abuse of process. The Singapore High Court case is scheduled for February 9.


Tan said their friendship began to deteriorate when they had differing views of their relationship, and Kawshigan accused her of making false allegations and causing harm to his reputation.

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