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Man cries out after buying fake N60,000 “Do as I Say” Kayanmata but his Oyinbo client refused to send him money (Video)



A Nigerian man has cried out in pains after he bought “Do as I say” kayanmata from an Instagram vendor and it didn’t work.

According to the man, he bought the kayanmata for almost N60,000 from an Instagram vendor who assured him that her products works wonders.

However after using the kayanmata for over a month, his client still didn’t send him money and he got upset and reported the issue to the seller.

The seller maintained that it wasn’t her fault it didn’t work, adding that the fault is from him. The seller said he should have gone for the “curse breaker” kayanmata before buying the “do as I say” kayanmata.

Watch the video below;

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