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“Leave Maraji. Jesus is the problem. He is offensive.” – Uyi Omokaro says

"Leave Maraji. Jesus is the problem. He is offensive." - Uyi Omokaro saysDavid Uyi Omokaro has said Jesus should be the one receiving criticisms from Twitter users and not Maraji, because, according to him, Jesus promoted divisiveness.


Instagram comedian, Maraji received heat for dismissing other religions by saying on the day Muslims were celebrating eid-El-Kabir that Jesus is the only way to heaven, “not Allah, not Buddha, not Krishna”.

But Brand executive, Uyi asked people to direct their ire at Jesus Christ who he says did worse.

He tweeted: “The misconception is that Maraji aired what she believes. When actually she aired what Jesus believes. It wasn’t her opinion. Jesus is the problem. He is offensive.”

He added: “lol you people don’t understand how offensive this Jesus was. Pharisees will invite him to their party to eat. He will sit there & be eating & be abusing them in their own house. O you vipers” o you foolish men” but he is eating & sitting in their house. Leave Maraji.”

When screenwriter Dami Elebe asked, “So drag Jesus?”, Uyi replied, “Yes”.

He added: “That’s what religion is. Divisive. Jesus clearly said it. I bring a sword. I will put mother against child & brother against brother. As long you don’t kill in the name of your religion you should be allowed to believe as you choose. I have many Muslims best friends & I love em.”

Leave Maraji. Jesus is the problem. He is offensive - Uyi Omokaro says

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