Late Andrew’s friend accuses Harrison Gwamnishu of covering up the truth

Mr Ben, a friend of the late Andrew Ochekwo accuses the human rights activist, Harrison Gwamnishu of conspiring with rogue police officers to cover the truth about the missing ladies.

It would be recalled that missing ladies, Celine Ndudim and Afiba are yet to be found since April 28 after visiting the late Andrew in Aba.

Late Andrew’s friend accuses Harrison Gwamnishu misleading Nigerians

In a recent outburst on social media, Mr Ben accused Harrison of providing fake bodies while insisting that the missing girls may still be alive.

He emphasized missing $50,000 from the late Andrew‘s house after an alleged search by the activist and his rogue officers without recording their activity or a witness.

Mr Ben vowed to expose the activist while hinting at his imprisonment for five years over crimes bothering around kidnapping and theft.

“You are not interested in the girls that is why you went to identify fake bodies; you’re part of the police people. You told Nigerians N80M left Andrew’s account; who told you this? Who did you transfer it to? You did a search with the police in that house, $50K is missing,” he said partly.

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