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Lady threatens to break up with boyfriend over afro hairstyle



A Nigerian man, Nosa Iyare, took to Twitter to seek advice following the faceoff he is currently having with his girlfriend.

Nosa said he is meant to meet with his girlfriend’s father over Christmas dinner this week but she is insisting he cuts off his Afro so he looks ”responsible” before her father.

According to Nosa, his girlfriend is planning to break up with him if he refuses to cut his hair. Nosa, who says he has an apartment of his own, car and a job, wondered if all of that isn’t enough to prove he is responsible.

Taking to the social media platform, Nosa shared a WhatsApp chat with his girlfriend as he tweeted:

“So. I never ever do this but I need to knw I’m not crazy. My girlfriend is willing to break up with me cos I won’t cut my hair to impress her father during Xmas dinner. I have an afro. This’ll be the one time I seek opinions from strangers in social media on a personal issue.”

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