Lady puzzled after receiving unexpected cash from popular bank

Nigerian businesswoman has taken to social media to share her surprise and confusion after receiving an unexpected credit alert from a popular bank.

The hair vendor, Linda Chinemerem Paul was baffled by the sudden deposit, which came with a cryptic description that left her even more perplexed.

lady alert bank

Linda took to Facebook to share her confusion and curiosity after receiving an unexpected credit alert from the bank.

The unexpected alert has sparked a lively debate online, with many offering their opinions and advice on what she should do with the mysterious money.

While some have cautioned her to be wary of potential scams, others have urged her to consider it a lucky break and make the most of it.

She wrote:

“I got this 10k credit on the 11th of June and the description says “Payment Nigeria”. I don’t understand. Is Nigeria sharing money? Who else received this?”

Read some comments from netizens below:

Ella Chiamaka Obasi said: “My own Zenith is to collect #250 from my account every Sunday. I don’t know if they have turned to Church that collects offering from members.”

Jenny Chizoba said: “Access bank, u see wetin ur mate dey do?? Una own na to dey remove 100 from my acct every Eke market day .”

Opara Cecilia said: “Abi them don sell naija give you to give china come dash you money on top.”

Ikwubuo Precious Chinwe said: “I have got such description but it happened that someone I know sent the money from overseas.”

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