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Lady narrates how she delivered her baby by herself in a Taxify cab after being stuck in Lagos traffic, says driver was traumatized (photos)

A new mum, Nkechi Okechukwu has just narrated an interesting story of how delivered her baby in a Taxify cab.


Believe me, the story will move you to tears, make you smile and at the same time give thanks to God!

Read below:

“So what I wasn’t even sure was contraction started this morning at about 6:30am. Thought they were just cramps but as they intensified, we had to head to the hospital by 6:50am. ⠀

We were heading to Eko hospital Ikeja from Ogba. Lagos traffic this morning was gangster. We decided to take Oregun road. At the time the contractions had become unbearably painful. But I just kept telling myself we would still make it in good time as my water had kuku not broken yet. Before I knew what was happening water broke o. ⠀

This was about 7:30 or so. And I calmly made the announcement so that my husband sitting in front and driver would not panic more than necessary. Got to Oregun and traffic was really bad. By this time, with each contraction I was groaning like a wounded lion (no kidding!). ⠀

There’s a level of pain that is beyond cry o! I remember they always warn us at antenatal that we should never push (resist as much as possible) until we are up to 10cm dilated else you harm yourself or the baby. But then, when one is at about 7-8cm, the body just keeps pushing the baby out by itself and that’s always the hardest part of labour for me. I resisted for as long as I could, plus no medical personnel to check me if I had gotten to 10cm yet. ⠀

By that time my husband was telling the driver we should turn back and look for any hospital around Oregun. At the same time I told both of them that if they have any doctor friend they should call for me to speak with the person and ask how I can deliver the baby and what to do when it comes (by this time I already knew he was going to come in the car). They called a doctor and that one was just shouting ‘tell her not to push o, she should hold on small while you guys find a hospital around’.⠀

Hold on ke, me that could already feel head, despite the fact that I closed my legs shut, trying to keep the baby in. The next contraction and groan sent the head out fully. And I just kept shouting ‘oh shit, he’s here, oh my God, he’s here!’ My husband turned and saw head. Before he could turn a second time, I had a whole baby in my hands.

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