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Lady narrates how her friend was dumped after housing and feeding man for years

A Nigerian lady has narrated how a friend of hers got dumped after sponsoring the finances of her Igbo boyfriend for years.


According to Adeniyi Adeola with username @dearolaa, the man in question used to have nothing, while his girlfriend housed and cater for his needs until life smiled at him.

The moment things got better for him, he dumped Adeola’s friend for other women.

Read her full write up below…

“Fear Men! Fear Men!! Fear Men!!! Especially when he’s Igbo/Ibo. They’re unapologetic cheaters.

man dumps woman

“There was this cute guy my friend was seeing, he’s tall dark and handsome with a cool kinda appearance. My friend housed him and fed him when he had nothing.

“For more than 2 years he Lived in her house, she fed him, housed him and banged him. What does a man want from a woman? In short she was there for him. Basically dude is now okay and baby girl is no longer enough for him.

“I feel pained in my heart. Today he’s with a fat girl, tomorrow he’s with another. Now this babe is going through emotional trauma and you think all will be well with you? No. Never. Until you do the right thing.

“Cease being a cheat, stay with your peace and know peace. I mean no offense to Igbo people but one of your brothers has disappointed your clan.”



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