Lady breaks up with boyfriend after he got her a job and borrowed money to throw her a birthday party

A Twitter user has recounted how a man got his heart broken after he helped his girlfriend get a job and even took a loan to throw her a party.

According to the Twitter user Identified with the handle, @michael_mickyt, the heartbroken man helped his girlfriend who had been job hunting for years secure a job, after which she told him she’d fallen for someone else and wants to end the relationship.

The tweep futher stated that the man had gotten a loan to throw her a party –a loan which he is still yet to repay.

The Twitter user also revealed that the lady’s new lover is a guy from her place of work which the heartbroken boyfriend had helped her to get.

The post read:

“One of my guy is currently going through heartbreak, he helped his babe to get a job after years of searching. One month into the job and she has fallen in love with someone else and ended the relationship. The only thing paining me from the whole gist is that he borrowed money

to do her birthday and yet to repay the loan all in the name of love… fa? Atleast she for wait make e pay the loan finish before leaving.

P. S : Her current Lover is in the new place of work my guy helped her in getting”

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