Viral News Lady accuses popular Abuja pastor of asking her for s3x, to pee...

Lady accuses popular Abuja pastor of asking her for s3x, to pee on him for N300k


Lady accuses popular Abuja pastor of asking her for s3x

A Nigerian lady has taken to her social media handle to call out Abuja based Pastor, Bishop Emmanuel Esezobor of Fire House Church International who asked her for s3x and to pee on him for 300,000 naira.

In reaction to the recent call out by social media users of COZA pastor s3xually harassing ladies, this lady speaks up about her own experience. Shading popular Abuja pastor, Bishop Emmanuel, she claims he offered her 300,000 naira to have s3x with him and pee on his as that was his fetish.

Read her thread below.

“Since we are on the topic of predatory pastors.. I should finally talk about my experience with a famous Abuja pastor whose billboards are scattered all over the capital.
His name is Bishop Emmanuel and this is a picture of him, this is how his church members welcome him.

I met him on a flight from UK, I’d just graduated and was returning to resume law school, he said he was a bishop, asked for my number.. I did not see a problem in giving a ‘man of God’ my contact.
He would occasionally check on me and form all these innocent pastoral concern.

One day he asked me to leave law school and come see him, asked him why? He went straight to it.. He’s attracted to me and wants to sleep with me. He’ll even give me 300k if I fucked him and peed on him.
Said it was a fetish of his.

I told him I’m not into that kinda shit so I’m not going to come see him.
Next thing he’s asking if I know any fine girls like me in law school that would be into it so I can introduce them to him. I told him no and blocked his number after that.

This happened in 2014, since then this man has BLOWN. I see his posters and billboards all over Abuja.

Now I’m thinking maybe he is diabolical and he gets girls with bright futures to pee away their destiny and glory on him. Lol, I know it’s a stretch but the world is evil.

To conclude, Bishop Emmanuel Esezobor of Firehouse Church is a spawn of Satan and I don’t play with demons.

Other women have since started coming up to call out Bishop Emmanuel Esezobor of Firehouse Church. See below.

Even a member of his choir also reportedly shares her experience.


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