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Kelly Handsome’s babymama describes singer as good for nothing, calls him deadbeat father

Mirabel Moradeyo, the baby mama of Nigerian singer Kelly Handsome has taken to her Instagram page to share some details about her relationship with him.

The single mother of one said that she is grateful for her daughter but regrets that her dad is a disreputable person. Recalling the years when she was with Kelly Handsome, Mirabel said that she wasted opportunities and years with him.

Describing the Maga Don Pay crooner as a good for nothing man, Mirabel said she was played by him after supporting his career, encouraged him and accommodated him.

According to her, she was warned by her family and friends but she did not listen because she was in love with him. Mirabel explained that Kellyhandsome made her turn into enemies with her family because he didn’t want her to see the light.

“Ladies, be careful of the man you support. I supported his career at the detriment of my relationship with family and friends and people who genuinely cared about me,” she said.

The mother of one said she was constantly called derogatory names because he helped the singer with things he thought was impossible. According to her, Kellyhandsome always assumed she slept with people to get the things she has.

The singer’s baby mama, however, expressed thanks to God for not leaving her as she noted that she soon started getting her things back in order again.

“Thinking to myself, I should have achieved all of this a long time ago but love they say is blind, only if you let it blind your visions. No regrets whatsoever, God gat me and I’ll come back here in no time to drop a long list of my achievements but till then, I’ll sit n sip my wine and laugh at how someone thinks he ruined me,” she said.

Mirabel said that she would soon show her daughter what a real father is. She stated that her daughter is gradually erasing the memories of a dead beat father that she has in her head.

She warned women to be careful of the men they allow into their lives, noting that some are demons in disguise and some stick around to drain them in all ramifications. She urged women to always seek the face of God before embarking on certain journeys.

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