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‘If you must send you nudes to a man, ensure you crop your face out’ – Actress Damilola Adegbite advises women

Damilola Adegbite, Nollywood actress, has given a word of advise to ladies who intend to send their nude photos or videos to men.

In a post she shared on her Instagram page, the mum of one said women should be careful while sending private images of themselves to men because they wouldn’t know how far the images will go or whose hands it may land on.

Damilola opined that if ladies must send their nudes at all, they should ensure they crop their faces out.

”To all my GROWN sexy ladies. Thinking about sending your nudes to that guy? Your crush may have a “confidant” who has a “confidant” who has a girlfriend he doesn’t hide anything from, who has a sister….. I’m sure you get my drift. Before you go ahead, be ABSOLUTELY sure you know who you are dealing with. Even when you are, anything could go wrong. His phone could get into anyone else’s hands. As a GROWN WOMAN, if you have considered all that could go wrong and still decide to send him that picture or video to spice things up, be safe. Crop your face out.” she wrote

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