“If not for existence of church, many Nigerians would not be alive” — Pastor Paul Enenche

The senior pastor of Dunamis International, Pastor Paul Enenche has said many Nigerians would not have been alive if not for the church.

Pastor Paul Enenche

Paul Enenche stated this at a sermon on Sunday at his church’s Headquarters, Glory Dome in Abuja.

According to him, the only thing that has kept Nigerians alive in the face of harsh economic realities and COVID-19 conditions in the country is the “presence of God’s word”.

“Thank God for Church, otherwise many people would have k*lled themselves since. If they say there was su!cide, just imagine what will happen if not for church.

Paul Enenche

“Living in a kind of country we are living and in the part of the world we are living, the only thing that has kept us alive and kept us well is the Word of God. Didn’t you hear the COVID-19 predictions, that millions will be on the streets of Africa?

“We don’t have all the sophisticated things they have there, but we have raw word of God. Even though they mock us and say with all our word, where is our development? But the word of God has saturated the group,” Pastor Enenche said.