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I would encourage forgiveness – Activist Rinu reacts to viral video of pregnant woman caught cheating

Rinu oduala
Following the release of a viral video which showed a man that caught his pregnant wife in bed with another man, activist Rinu Oduala has reacted to the video by telling the man what he should do.

In the video, the man walked in on his wife, Martha in bed with her alleged church’s pastor.

Reacting to the clip, Rinu Oduala  insisted that the husband should forgive Martha and not let home destroyers wreck his home.

“I would encourage Martha’s husband to forgive her” – Activist Rinu reacts to pregnant wife caught cheating

In a tweet, Rinu said; “I would encourage the husband of Martha to forgive her. He must not let home destroyers destroy his home. Women have cheating in their gene. If he leaves her now, how is he sure there are better women out there? The devil you know is better than the angel you don’t”

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