“I like Tiannah because she keeps changing men” – Ruth Eze

Ruth Eze

Popular Nigerian actress, Ruth Eze has revealed that she like the lifestyle of fashion designer, Toyin Lawani alias Tiannah Empire.

According to Ruth, she’s too special and intelligent which is why she won’t tolerate any form of domestic violence from any man.

In a recent interview the actress used Toyin Lawani as an example by saying that she keeps changing men who are toxic.

Toyin Lawani

If I’m dating you and I notice one toxic attitude, I’m out and I’m immediately I quit you, I start dating somebody else in the next few weeks.

That’s one thing I love Tiannah Empire for. She keeps changing men as long as it make her happy and that is the kind of life, I’m living,” she said

Ruth Eze continued, “I almost married a man. We had done our introduction, engagement and he probably felt because w had done all those things, he started exhibiting some nastiness.
Oga, I will dump you right away, you are not the only man in this world. I know how to run. I don’t give a fuck about what will people say.

I will dump your ass and move on to the next relationship. I’ve never been a victim of domestic violence but my late elder sister was.”