Viral News “I think my 6-year-old son is gay.” – Nigerian lady seeks for...

“I think my 6-year-old son is gay.” – Nigerian lady seeks for advise


"I think my 6-year-old son is gay." - Nigerian lady seeks for adviseRelationship expert and adviser, Joro olumofin has shared an email he received from a depressed lady who is concerned about her son.

The woman stated that her 6-year-old son might be gay as he make use of her make up kit. The woman also stated that her husband believe that beating or taking him to church for deliverance is the best option but she is yet to allow that.

She further stated that her son asked other male kids to show him their pee pee and he has been caught in school touching male students.

Read below;

“Joro. Sorry to interfere ur weekend. I think my 6 year old son is gay. I love him with all my heart but I don’t know the right thing to do. My husband believe beating him is the best option or taking him to church for deliverance. I have not allowed that. My husband doesn’t like him very much. He favours his little brother more than him. My son applies my makeup, applies lipstick.

He asks other male kids to show him there pee pee. A teacher has caught him a few times touching male students. What do I do please? We live in Nigeria. This is frowned upon. My husband is saying he is cursed. That the curse is from my family side. I have tried and tried. I still love him no matter what. He doesn’t like voltron toys or avengers. He prefers pink and barbies. Do I give in to my husbands way or do I send my son to live with my sister in Canada?.”


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