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I feel like I am going to ‘end it all’ – Actor, Godwin Maduagu cries out following his leaked tape

Nollywood actor, Godwin Maduagu has cried out publicly that he feels like ‘ending it all’ after his alleged gay tape leaked online in February.

Godwin Maduagu

Due to the effect of the scandal, the actor revealed that he has become broke as he has lost many job opportunities.

He added that many Nigerian companies refused to work with him.

In his words, ”I am not happy because you guys are frustrating my life because I am getting depressed already. I thought I have moved on and everybody has moved on.

“I have not been getting jobs, I am getting broke. You know as a public figure you have to have money to take care of some personal expenses. Right now I don’t have any money.

Now, if people book me for a job, the company or brand would see Godwin Maduagu and they would say no, we can’t use this boy.

How do you guys want me to feel? How do you expect me to feed or survive?

You guys said I made a video to trend. Now who is now trending and who is now losing? How do you expect me to make a video that will destroy my life and everything.

You guys should just pity me now, Please. I am not happy. I want to get my life back. I need money.

Right now I feel like I am going to commit suicide because I can’t take this anymore. It is really depressing and it is affecting me psychologically. ”

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