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‘I don’t love my wife any more.’ – Nigerian man seeks for advise

'I don’t love my wife any more.' - Nigerian man seeks for adviseRelationship expert and love doctor, Joro Olumofin took to social media to share an email he received from a man who is having issues with his marriage of 6 years.

According to man, he has fallen out of love with his wife and plans to take a break from the marriage to rediscover himself.

Read below;

“I don’t love my wife anymore. She irritates me. I want to ask her for a 5 months break to find myself again. I will move out. She is not the woman I married.

She puts in efforts but I am tired of this marriage. She thinks I love her so much. I begin my acting role in the morning. I act and act my feelings for her. I don’t have the Gul to tell her how I feel or why I can’t be there for her.

Marriage is not easy. I don’t have a girlfriend. I have not cheated in 6 years of our marriage but I can’t do this any more.”