Hon. Shina Peller pays Davido a sympathy visit over his broken leg (video)

Shina Peller pays Davido a visit

Member of the 9th National Assembly, Hon. Shina Peller has paid Davido a sympathy visit after the singer broke his leg.

The Nigerian business mogul and politician stopped by at Davido’s newly acquired Banana Island mansion today, June 3.

The video is evident Davido was extremely excited that the Quilox Club CEO checked up on him.

Shina Peller pays Davido a visit

Davido could be heard saying; “Yes oh, baba come check me say I dey Ok oh! But no worry, we’re coming to kick some ass.”

Smiling boyishly, Shina Peller responded in affirmation; “Yeah I come check your leg.”

Shina Peller is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Aquila Group of Companies and Club Quilox.See video below;