Groom causes buzz as he requests makeup on his wedding day

A Nigerian groom has taken social media by storm after a video surfaced online showing him calmly receiving makeup on his wedding day.

The scene, which has since gone viral on social media, depicts the groom adorned in the traditional Isi Agu attire, typical among the Igbo people, complemented by a red cap.

The video, shared by @de_attraction_empire on Instagram, shows the groom seated composedly as the makeup artist carefully applies powder and lip gloss.

Groom causes buzz as he requests makeup on his wedding day

Using his phone’s screen as a makeshift mirror, the groom attentively inspects the artist’s handiwork.

The groom was then seen smiling, expressing his satisfaction with the outcome of the makeup application.

This unconventional moment has sparked a wave of diverse reactions on social media.

Netizens Reactions…

@allytravelsand_tour said; “Couple that slays together stays together.”

@toseenblack said; “Na powder and lip balm nah….very normal.”

@phateb said; “There is nothing wrong with this.”

@peaci_uban said; “The way he used his phone as a mirror.”

@precy_uchechi said; “Did he think he was going to be finer than himself? Leave this thing for Korean boys. He’s okay though.”

@savioursdottir said; “It’s his day too.”

@helloclinton said; “After lip balm no body tell baba make him look himself before magic go happen.”

@hijabisclothing_n_accessories said; “Abi nah, he is part of the wedding too not just the bride.”

@oseibeautyplus said; “Groom sef wan fine nah.”

@real_qweenbee said; “My man no wan slack.”

@dooshima24 said; “Na him heat go finish na.

@sayotuyi said; “His steeze has now reduced ehn, fine boy.”

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